Leather has always been looked at as a luxurious material. A natural product, pure leather is used in various high-end fashion bags, wallets, belts, footwear, jackets, upholstery for furniture and luxury cars. It has always been considered valuable and a symbol of extravagant lifestyle. Even after being used for centuries, pure leather is still a material which has maintained its value. Products made out of genuine leather continues to be in great demand throughout the world.

Today, there are a number of factories that manufacture leather look-alikes. Referred to as Artificial Leather, Leatherite, Polyurethane (PU), Synthetic Leather or Faux Leather, they look like real leather but there are subtle differences that would not even be understood by a common man. Made primarily using plastic, they are inexpensive and help bring down the cost of products compared to genuine leather goods without compromising too much on the look and feel. However, they drastically bring down the quality of the products.

Here are a few reasons why men and women still prefer genuine leather products or products made using artificial leather:

  • Durability: Using pure leather instead of artificial leather increases the life of the product. This is because leather fibres are tightly bound together and are inherently very strong. Therefore, they are long-lasting and cannot be torn, stretched or bent easily. They can also withstand extreme temperatures better than artificial leather. On the other hand, artificial leather tends to tear easily, which is why it tends to peel off from the wallets and bags and get damaged quicker. 

  • Unique in Character: There are various types of leather that are available depending on the animal source. Therefore, each kind of leather is quite different and unique from the other. Some are soft and more flexible than the others so they suit certain kinds of products compared to others. There are variety of textures and patterns that differ from one kind of leather to another, so each leather lends a unique character to the product. Artificial leather does not offer so many varieties. Since genuine leather is a purely natural material, each hide is different from another, having an uneven spread of marks, scratches and blemishes, so no two pieces are exactly the same.
  • Flexibility: Although genuine leather is durable, it is soft and flexible in long periods of time while maintaining is strength and shape. They get softer and more comfortable to use over time. Also, because they are soft, they can be flattened, carved and embossed as per needs, which makes them very versatile in nature.

  • Breathable: Genuine Leather can absorb moisture better than artificial leather. This makes pure leather products much more comfortable to use compared to artificial leather. This is why when you carry wallets made of artificial leather, you tend to sweat more compared to genuine leather. Switch to pure leather wallets and you will feel the difference.

  • Quality & Style: The natural properties of genuine leather lends beauty to the products manufactured from it and, as a result, genuine leather products tend to look much more beautiful and elegant compared to artificial leather. They are also timeless and age well over time, developing a patina that improves the look of the products. Artificial leather just does not look and feel the same when kept side-to-side.

Because of the advantages that genuine leather offers over artificial leather, it is worth considering genuine leather products in spite of the higher price. The durable nature of genuine leather would make the products last longer and you would save on buying the products made of artificial leather more frequently.