Leather is one of the most versatile materials known. This is due to the unique arrangement of complex natural fibers that give the variations on the different types of hides and skins. If we take care of any genuine leather product it can be long-lasting. Below are some of the tips to maintain your leather products.

**In order to clean the leather product, dip a soft damp cloth in a shampoo solution, and rub on the product lightly.

**Avoid exposing your leather product to dirt and oil, especially if the product is light in colour.

**Oil, pen marks, and eggs leave a permanent impression on leather and cannot be rubbed out.

**Store your leather product in a cloth bag when you are not using it. Avoid using plastic bags to store the product for long periods of time.

**If you see any fungus developing on the leather, especially during monsoons, dip a soft cloth in a mild Dettol solution and rub it off.

**Remember that your leather product remembers the shape that you keep them in. In case your leather bag gets wet, the bag should be stuffed to retain its shape and kept to dry in a shade.

**Do not dry your leather product in direct sunlight or using a hairdryer. The leather may become stiff or crack.