leather purses in India

A leather purse is an accessory that gives a touch of class and sophistication. It is stylish, distinct and durable at the same time. An expert buyer has to notice various detail before choosing a genuine leather bag.

Different Types of Leathers:

Different types of leather are used to manufacture a purse. The full-grain leather is different from split leather. The difference in the quality of the leather is a controlling factor in the price of the bags.

How to Find Genuine Leather Purses from Others?

Here are some of the features that one can notice while buying fine leather purses in India. These will help one to select genuine leather products.

  • The Surface: While purchasing a leather purse, one should give importance to noticing the surface structure. A genuine leather product will be uneven and grainy to touch. A bag made from synthetic leather will be much smoother in texture. You should be able to recognize between the two products and pay according to the quality.
  • The Touch: Genuine or grainy leather generally have a soft and comfortable grip. It also feels warm on the hand. A synthetic leather purse is generally cold, plain in design and rigid. Before buying, you should notice these characteristics. Prolonged outdoor exposure causes the form of patina in genuine leather. The colour of a synthetic leather purse generally fades out.
  • Reaction with Fluids: It is a very simple way to judge the quality of a leather purse. Genuine leather is a naturally acquired product, so it is generally porous. If you drop water or oil over the purse, it will generally absorb it. Synthetic leather contains various additional materials, so it will not be able to hold the liquid.
  • Edges: Purses made of natural leather are generally fibrous on the edges. This is because the material is rich in protein. A purse made of artificial leather has smooth cuts and edges. It is an important feature to notice if you wish to buy a purse made of genuine leather.

If you notice these important features, you can be sure of buying genuine leather items. A genuine item will add some class to your vast collection of leather accessories.

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